China sends a team to check Kim Jong-un’s health

China sends a team to check Kim Jong-un’s health > www.suvbharattimes.in Suvbharat Times, 25/04- China sent a team of doctors to North Korea to check on its leader Kim Jong-un. US Media outlets had reported earlier that the Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim was critically ill. The 36-year-old Kim had gone under a cardiovascular procedure. China’s visit is set to trigger further speculation about the health of Kim Jong-un. According to the media report, Kim is a heavy smoker, appears overweight, and has a history of cardiovascular problems in the family. #twitter.com/@suvbharat_times #linkedin.com/in/suvbharat-times
Image – North Korean despot Kim Jong-un and his wife RI Sol-Ju.

Beijing is isolated and secretive Pyongyang’s chief ally and economic benefactor. President Xi Jinping has met Kim several times in the last couple of years. As for the earlier reports, Kim was “conspicuously absent” from birthday celebrations on April 15 of his grandfather and state founder Kim Il Sung. He has not been seen in public since a meeting on April 11, which fuelled speculation about his health.

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