COVID-19: Israeli PM Netanyahu tests negative

COVID-19: Israeli PM Netanyahu tests negative >  www.suvbharattimes.in Suvbharat Times 31/03- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had tested negative. The key advisers of him isolated themselves after one of the prime minister’s aides tested positive for the coronavirus. Later, it was confirmed about PM Netanyahu. His spokesman said he would remain quarantined until further instructions were issued by the Israeli ministry of health. On the other hand, the White House response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx said, 2 lakh people in the US may die even if Washington plays its response to the outbreak “almost perfectly”. #twitter.com/@suvbharat_times #www.linkedin.com/in/suvbharat-times #www.facebook.com/suvbharattimes.web

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a press conference about the coronavirus COVID-19, at the Prime Ministers office in Jerusalem on March 11, 2020. Photo by Flash90

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