Elena is my ex-girlfriend

Suvbharat Times, 23/09 – Rumors are circulating on Facebook about Oriya movie actress Elena Roy Samantaray. Ashwini Kumar Sahu, a Facebook user, described himself as Elena’s classmate and boyfriend. Ashwini commented to her Facebook friends that she had a very close relationship with Elena. www.suvbharattimes.in / www.readerwanted.fun

The commentary, which went viral on various social media, was written by a user named Ashwini, Elena was my ex-girlfriend, since 7th class, and it continued up to +2. Ashwini and some of his friends exchanged views after the statement was shared on a user’s social media account. www.suvbharattimes.in / www.readerwanted.fun

As it turns out, Ashwini’s second comment mentions that she has become an adult, will she agree? The issue’s end has a twist. Ashwini indicated his views towards the Member of Parliament of Kendrapara Parliamentary Constituency. www.suvbharattimes.in / www.readerwanted.fun

In the comments, Facebook user Ashwini responded by pointing to Elena, saying that Elena would now be the girlfriend of the Supremo of state Biju Janata Dal and with an MP. Ashwini is ineligible to be Elena’s boyfriend and Ashwani is not so keen. www.suvbharattimes.in / www.readerwanted.fun

Ashwini’s comment has been spreading on popular social sites like Facebook. However, the commentary on social media has gone viral. Fans of Elena, the hottest actress in the Oriya film, want to know more about the incident. www.suvbharattimes.in / www.readerwanted.fun

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