Israel is going through a constitutional crisis

Israel is going through a constitutional crisis www.suvbharattimes.in Suvbharat Times 10/04- According to media sources Elections in Israel typically produce a clear winner who assembles a governing coalition from a Knesset majority. That majority then elects the speaker. One difference from the U.S.: Israel’s government is formed from a Knesset majority, and the parliament also elects the speaker, so its speaker almost always comes from the same party as the prime minister. It’s quite rare, in other words, to have a Trump-Pelosi situation. #twitter.com/@suvbharat_times #linkedin.com/in/suvbharat-times #facebook.com/suvbharattimes.web

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began his political career in the 1970s opposing a Palestinian state, an idea that once had been off the table but was gaining traction. Since then, he has made his position clearer: The prime minister opposes full Palestinian statehood, including Israeli withdrawal from any of the West Bank.

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