254 Indian pilgrims tested positive for Covid-19

Suvbharat Times, 18/03- 254 Indian pilgrims stranded in Iran have tested positive for Covid-19. As to report, pilgrims from Kargil gather outside the Indian Embassy in Tehran demanding evacuation. Several pilgrims, including the one who tested positive, told that, the list was shared on Sunday on a WhatsApp group of pilgrims and Indian government officials. The pilgrims claimed Indian embassy officials in Iran have assured them that all those stranded will be airlifted back to India in the next few days. Login: / /

36-year-old Mohammad Imran, one of the pilgrims stranded in Iran said that “They had taken samples from almost all the stranded passengers over the last 10-12 days and now the results have come,” According to Imran, most of the Covid-19 positive patients are above 50 years old. Imran himself has tested negative. The patients belong to a group of 850 pilgrims mostly from Kargil marooned in Iran since February. On the other hand, the foreign ministry has refused to confirm or deny the list of 254 individuals infected. Dammu Ravi, an additional secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs, said, “Of course in a situation like that, you will find some positive cases given the extensive spread of the virus in Iran. Rest assured that every care is being taken by the mission in cooperating and coordinating with the government of Iran for the safety of Indians there.” > Login: / /

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