Creation, status, and the sum of the Dissolution- The Trinity

Suvbharat Times/ 05072020/ The Trinity of Buddhism draws our attention in that direction, the Almighty wants to tell us something. Behind this Trinity of Hindus and this sacred Trinity of every religion, there is a mystery hidden. In the Registan, some distance from Cairo, Egypt, three great pyramids stand in a row. Built 4,000 years ago, the trinity is one of the most famous in the world.

This pyramid has a strong application of triangles in architecture. According to Newton’s theory, the number “3” has been shown to be very strong. Newton divided every divine object into “3” by dividing it into “3” parts, and through this theory, he tried to estimate all the sources. To find out, if you have to turn the page of the book of religion, you will see that the number “3” has a wonderful significance throughout human history. But why?

What’s so significant about a goat’s head? “That’s why ‘Dharma’ is so important to religion, art, and mystery. Does it have anything to do with aliens! If we could understand the power of the number “3”, we would be like God, the Creator. According to any ancient culture, the number of major deities in India is also ‘3’.

According to any ancient culture, the number of major deities in India is also ‘3’. In the sixth century BC, the famous Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras of Samos, Greece, gave the world a new direction by his theory. ‘A’ square + ‘B’ square is equivalent to ‘C’ square. This formula applies to the entire universe.

The formula describes a complete triangle, three-dimensional medium, and mathematical relations. Some speculate that the formula may be based on the size of the Egyptian pyramid. So what number ‘3’, under the influence of its incredible power, can unveil the mystery of our universe! There is a lot of mystery behind this fact that is hidden behind the number ‘3’. The old wall, built 5,000 years ago by Newgrange Ireland, is intertwined with three old nets.

There are three ancient Buddhist temples in the Hunan province of China, 1,100 years old. Which is known as the three Pagodas? This pagoda creates a triangle, and it is said, it saves man from the catastrophe of nature. In many ancient cultures of the world, this concept has been in force since time immemorial.

The number “3” is a symbol of some very sacred mystery and supernatural power. Its potential is hidden in human consciousness. This hidden power, the totality of creation, status, and the sum of the Dissolution.

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