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Suvbharat Times | Mumbai 23072021 | www.suvbharattimes.in/ Sunny Leone started her career in nude cinema. She is an actress who wanted to be a nurse. But the plan to enter Mayapuri led her in a different direction. Sunny’s real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra. She was born on May 13, 1981. She belongs to a Sikh family from Punjab and was home to Southern California, USA. She had completed her studies at the Catholic School. She has Canadian and American citizenship.

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Sunny loved to play hockey with boys on California Street sometimes because of her weakness in sports. Also very skilled in ice skating. While attending a pediatric nursing course in Orange County, Sunny found a girlfriend. The girlfriend praised Sunny’s beautiful face and encouraged her to act.

Sunny was overjoyed to hear such an offer, as she may not have known that she was in search of a platform for acting. Before entering the cinema Sunny met the painters of the Penthouse magazine through her girlfriend. The interview changed Sunny’s lifestyle. Sunny dropped out of nursing and started working for the porn magazine. For her career in leaf cinema, this ambitious beauty changed her name and introduced herself as Sunny.

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The Penthouse manager added Leone with her name later. In this way, Karenjit Kaur became known as Sunny Leone in the world. In 2003, Sunny was honored with the Penthouse of the Year and Vivid Entertainment signed a three-year contract with her to work under its banner, which of course made her sensation.

Before coming to India, Sunny established herself as a model, actor, and owner of a website company called LLC. Sixty percent of Sunny’s dividends from the LLC website transaction were from India alone. Sixty percent of the country’s viewers viewed the website. Before the introduction with the Indian audience, Sunny was already a celebrity.

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Eventually, from 2003 to 2013, she left her long 10-year-old film career and joined the Sony Mainstream movie. However, Sunny first arrived in India in 2005 for the MTV Awards, the MTV India program. At the same time, Bollywood director Mohit Suri was the first to give her a movie offer. But Sunny demanded $ 1 million for the movie. After hearing the amount of money, Mohit returned his proposal.

Sunny has also acted in many English movies and shows, including My Bear Lady, Middlemen. Later, Forbes Magazine placed Sunny on the cover page and commented, “This is a sensation, this is Sunny Leone”

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Video Credit: YouTube

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