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Great Indian menu

Great Indian menu > Suvbharat Times, 14/3- Eating out is no more the rich man’s indulgence. There are options, and people irrespective of the economic class go out to eat. The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) reveals the eating habits of Indians in a new report. The Indian restaurant industry believes in ecosystems. Their demand is that restaurant today is not just a place for eating. It is a place to socialize, to unwind and more > FollowUs:

They also draw attention to the opportunities and challenges it faces and suggests solutions to overcome these issues. Most Indians eat out during shopping and casual outing, as well as family outings. Now customer satisfaction is the greatest achievement for all. They source only the best quality and authentic Indian cooking ingredients.

Some Indian restaurants give top priority to maintain quality food and service, which attracts a lot of food lovers. They are offering an extensive menu of Indian food.

There are too much availability of dishes in a variety of spice levels and plenty of vegetarian options like drinks menu with a good selection of beers, wines, nimbu soda, and lassi also.

Some food lovers are talking about chefs. This is a probe to ensure the experience when food lover comes to visit restaurants.  The idea of commercialization may hamper the quality. Yet more of our restaurants feel proud of using authentic Indian cooking ingredients>

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