Indian filmmaker pays special attention to the naked navel

Suvbharat Times | Mumbai 30072021 | The navel is like a mystery. Keeping the navel of the actress open, the filmmakers are paying close attention to the performance of this sensitive organ. Such a scene has been seen in most of the films of the South film industry. Cine critics say the craze of navel shows is very high. When an actress exposes her sensitivity, the audience becomes mad to see this sensitive organ again and again.

In the twentieth century, most of the girls are wearing hot pants with tops and wandering freely. But the heartbeat of spectators doesn’t stop when watching the actress’s naked navel on the 70mm screen. Hence the actresses are forced to remove their clothes from the navel to satisfy the interest of the audience and the feelings of the producer and director.

The actress wears a saree in such a way that it gives her support to show her navel automatically while capturing any intimate scenes. Such strange ideas have captivated the entire filmmaker of the country. Before reach at the set, the director gives such an idea to the actresses about the art of wearing sarees. | | | |

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