Rupali Ganguly thanked the fans

Suvbharat Times | Mumbai 09072021 | www.suvbharattimes.in/ Anupama fame Rupali Ganguly has shared two pictures. Of the two recent posts, the first is the content written by Rupali Ganguly on Instagram with a picture shared with folded hands, while the second is a video of a bold-looking actress who is seen as a cultured daughter-in-law on TV.

Anupama serial is considered to be one of the most popular Hindi serials on TV among the audience. Her fans are excited to know new things about Rupali Ganguly, who plays the lead character of Anupama. Whereas fans are discussing her new look after watching the two posts made within the last few hours. These pictures of Rupali became viral on the internet.

Recently, another post of the actress came in the discussion on social media in which she shared a video of herself. Rupali Ganguly, who is seen on TV as a cultured and responsible daughter-in-law of the family, shared her video in a bold look and fans do not usually see her in this style.

The famous actress Rupali Ganguly has gained 1 million followers on Instagram recently. The actress captioned the picture, ‘Thank you my 1 million followers family. Here a million hearts are connected, from my journey to our journey! Thanks a lot. I hope to keep entertaining you like this and hope that this digital family of ours continues to grow. And many more laughs, happiness, and 1 million wishes to everyone for our beautiful association.’

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