Sanctuary of Truth, Thailand Photographs went viral

Suvbharat Times | Varanasi 29032021 |  Some photographs of Sanctuary of Truth, Thailand went viral on social media have been the subject of much speculation. Some of the most beautiful sculptures have been spotted, which social media users claim is in line with photos of the Kashiraj Kali temple in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

The people have created scenes during the work of a temple in a museum in Pattaya, Thailand, which are rumored to be carved in the Varanasi Kashiraj Kali temple. The priestly family of the Kashi Raj Kali Temple refuted the rumors, saying that the temple was built hundreds of years ago by the King of Kashi. The Kashiraj Kali Temple, built of stone, is an ancient monument of India.

The viral image on social media is not from the temple. Investigators say a viral photo of Varanasi is in Pattaya, Thailand. But a 1:25 minute video of a video on Wiz Wonder has visualized some of the idols, which are going viral in the name of the Varanasi Kashiraj Kali temple.

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