Sex is an integral part of life

Suvbharat Times | Mumbai 28072021 | It’s hard to talk about sex. Whether it is after seeing a naked idol carved on the walls of a temple or looking at nude photos in magazines. Sex has different definitions. Batsayan Kamasutra shows its various arts and principles. Take a look at how they tasted sex after getting rid of India’s ‘work ethic’. They say devotees who follow the path of devotion have the idea that sex should be done not for spiritual life but only for reproductive purposes.

Ashtanga Hrudayam of Ayurveda says women are divided into four parts, namely Padmini, Chitrini, Sankhini, and Hastini. It is based on the shape and size of the woman. Many feminists opposed the article, calling it “male-centric.” So it’s difficult to give a comment on a woman and her sex life. Sex is the decent thing to do, and it should end there. It simply comes to notice, when someone has a look over the stone-carved nude images in the temple wall or intercourse of a couple of animals. Neither you nor our argument can prove them to be sex elements. The foreigners who openly deal with sex are the new founders of it. Not that they will give new gifts to the whole world.

According to the Kamashastra sex is related to a healthy life. It describes the categories of ideal women in an article. Kamashastra clears all the confusion. Sexual intercourse is essential in marital life. Rethiyubam, Ayurvedam shows that sex keeps the body and brain healthy. Love without sex is the same as celebrating a ceremony without music. If you want to connect two bodies, you have to connect two minds first. | | | |

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