Who are the two daughters of Russian President Putin?

Bhubaneswar, June 27- President Vladimir Putin knows how to make a headline. The controversial Putin makes headlines about his policies and his involvement with celebrities. The world’s leading leaders have the news when Putin was hanging out with Connor McGregor. When Oliver Stone made a documentary series about Putin. Putin’s two daughters have not been spotted.

A Russian Oligarch has virtualized photos of Putin’s two daughters, revealing to the world that Putin’s two daughters are under the radar. Self-proclaimed billionaire Sergei Pugachev, who leaked photos of Putin’s two daughters on his website, claimed that the two girls in the leaked photo acted with his daughter as a child. Putin’s two daughters are now in their 30s.

They were accompanied by a pop group called Strelly and they are known as Spice Girls. Russian critics say Pugachev may have leaked President Putin’s personal biography with the aim of avenging the $ 12 billion of punishment money for a case. The two daughters in the viral photo are the product of Putin’s first marriage, he demands.

In 1983, Putin married Lyudmila Shkrebneva, and they lived together in East Germany until 1990. The first daughter, Mariya was born in Leningrad, Russia, in 1965, while Yekaterina was born in 1986 at Dresden, Germany. One of the two daughters, born to Putin’s first wife, Lyudmila, is said to be Mariya Putina and the other Yekaterina Putina.

When the US media reported on Putin’s divorce in 2014, a report spread about Mariya and Yekaterina, who are two older daughters of Putin. But President Putin kept his first wife and two daughters away from the limelight. Russian media have also reported on Putin’s third daughter. The media describes that Putin had an affair with a Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva.

Some media outlets say Putin and Alina have a daughter, while others say they have two sons. However Russian gymnast Alina has not commented on the allegations or any other person did not comment on the allegations. However, some media outlets have described Putin’s personal events as a “secret” hidden behind Putin’s image > Bureau Report, Suvbharat Times

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